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Sun, Mar. 13th, 2005, 12:10 am
Off topic...

Pretty long survey (200+ questions)!

Created by MakeItVirgin and taken 331 times on bzoink!

What is your first name?Courtney
What is your middle name?Lynn
Do you like your name?Warfield
What would you change it to if you could?I'll stick to what I have ;)
What are your nicknames?Court, LJ, Sexual Panda Bob (but only on Tuesdays)
What is your username for your journal?NESRawkstar
What is your email?courtney@rawkstar.org
What is your AIM screenname?NESRawkstar
How old are you?21
Are you a man or a woman?Woman
Where do you live?Tennessee
What color is your hair?Blonde
What color are your eyes?Hazel cause they change. ;)
Do you have an innie or an outie?innie
What is your shoe size?7.5 - 8 US
How tall are you?5'2"
What is your astrological sign?Gemini
Are you a righty or a lefty?Ambidextrous
Who do you live with?Weekdays with the Roommates, Weekends with the Parental Units
What is your dad's name?Gary
What is your mom's name?Donna
Are your parents divorced?Nope
If so, do you have a step-parent or step-parents?Uh...No
Do you have any siblings?Yeah
If so, what are their names?His name is Michael
Do you have any siblings-in-law?Nah, my bro's not married
Do you have any nieces or nephews?Alas, no. But I have my adorable Godson
Who is your favorite relative?Aunt Sherrie aka "The Cool Aunt"
Who is your least favorite relative?*cough* I plead the fifth
Do you have any relatives that live out of the country?I don't know... Maybe my cousin's cousin's cousin?
Do you have any pets?Yes I do
If so, what are their names?Red (G. Shepherd Mix), Roscoe (Cocker Spaniel), Tabby & Simba (Cats)
Do you get along with your family?Usually
Where do you go to school?APSU
What grade are you in?Well I'm a Junior in college, how's that?
What year do you graduate in?2006 if things go well...
Who is your favorite teacher?Dr. Fred because he is hyper and has ADD
Who is your least favorite teacher?A stupid grad student at my old school. *grumble*
What is your GPA?last semester I pulled a 3.824 bitches!
What is your favorite class?Historical Geology b/c of Dr. Goofball...I mean Fred
What is your least favorite class?Art Appreciation. I don't care to appreciate it so much thanks.
Do you plan to go to college?....No, except for the fact that I'm in college right now.
If so, where?Next.
What do you plan to be?Forensicist or Marine Biologist. Heh.
What is your favorite color?Green or Blue
What is your favorite number?2, 13, 42
What is your favorite animal?Sea: Bottle nose dolphin, Land: Giant panda, Air: Macaw (Red or Blue)
What is your favorite car?68 Shelby GT500 thanks much
What is your favorite food?Macaroni n' Cheese
What is your favorite drink?Mountain Dew
What is your favorite alcoholic drink?Beer: Guinness, Liquor type: Hurricane, Blue Valium, many others...
What is your favorite dessert?Red Velvet Cake! or White Chocolate with raspberries.
What is your favorite band?Silverchair & Aerosmith
What is your favorite male singer?My buddy Bret Wice b/c he's awesome.
What is your favorite female singer?Aretha Franklin. Everyone must RESPECT this woman! (I know, bad pun)
What is your favorite actor?Tom Cruise
What is your favorite actress?Julia Roberts
What is your favorite type of music?Rock
What is your favorite season?Summer
What is your favorite holiday?Halloween & Christmas
What is your favorite TV show?Forensic Files, Jeff Corwin Experience, Crocodile Hunter, CSI, too many
What is your favorite song?Without You - Silverchair
What is your favorite day of the week?Friday
What is your favorite month?May
What is your favorite candy?Plain m&m's
What is your favorite fruit?Mango
What is your favorite veggie?Any. I love veggies. I'm a veg head afterall.
What is your favorite movie?Gone With the Wind
What is your favorite flower?Daffodil
What is your favorite clothing store?Pac Sun
What is your favorite article of clothing?My Fox hoodie. That thing survived Supercross, ok!
What is your favorite ice cream flavor?Strawberry Cheesecake or Godiva's White Chocolate with Raspberry!
What is your favorite radio station?Whatever I can get to come in down here that isn't country, rap, or pop
What is your favorite quote?"Duct Tape is like the Force. It has a light side and a dark side and holds the universe together" -Carl Zwanzig
What is your favorite CD?Billy Idol Greatest Hits at the moment
What is your favorite magazine?Game Informer. Meh, it came w/the Gamestop discount card
What is your favorite website?Ooh too many
What is your favorite perfume/scent?Lucky and Kors by Michael Kors. That shit rocks
*~*This or That*~*
Green/BlueGAH!!!!!! That's not fair!
Cellphone/TelephoneRight now my cell is junk garbage...
Sparkles/GlitterSparkle Sparkle!
Rap/R&BR&B but I don't like either much. Unless the Rap's NWA. :x
Sam's Club/Wal-MartWally World!
Owen Wilson/Luke WilsonAgain, not fair!
McDonalds/Burger KingNeither
Black eyeliner/Blue eyelinerBlack
Gone In 60 Seconds/ The Fast and the FuriousThe ORIGINAL Gone in 60 Seconds
Scary Movies/Funny MoviesBoth
Funny Movies/Sad MoviesBoth
Historical Movies/Sci-Fi MoviesSci-Fi Movies
Teddy Bears/Other Stuffed AnimalsBoth
Sprite/Sierra MistSprite
Briefs/BoxersBoxer Briefs on guys
Panties/ThongsDepends on how I feel ;)
Who is your best friend?Natalie & Matt B
Who is your craziest friend?Andrew cause he moved to NZ
Who is your loudest friend?S'Matt & Barksdale
Who is your funniest friend?Sibbie, S'Matt & Brandito
Who is your quietest friend?Sandra
Who is your sweetest friend?Brandito & Andrew...sometimes :P
Who is your most caring friend?Nat, Trent & Matt B
Who is your most understanding friend?Nat & Matt B
Who is your kinkiest friend?Sibbie
Who is your sleeziest friend?Ooh that's not nice
Who is your best dressed friend?Nat
Who is your most loyal friend?Nat
Who is your most athletic friend?Errr...we're all pretty lazy
Which of your friends is the best dressed?Didn't you just ask that?
Which of your friends is the biggest flirt?Hahahaha Sibbie!
Which of your friends has the best hair?Nat. I'm jealous.
Do you have a boyfriend or girlfriend?Indeed
If so, who is it?It's bad luck to say their name on a site or write it or anything. >:P
If so, how long have you been together?Dating since December. Together since...Early Feb?
Do you have a crush?Only on him
If so, what is their name?Look above thanks
If so, how long have you liked this person?I've known him for 3 years, liked him for a while
When was your first kiss?I was 5
Who was it?I think his name was Brandon...
When was your first love?Ooh not a nice question.
Who was it?Kevin
Do you believe in love at first sight?Sometimes
What are your turn ons?Intellectual Stimulation....oh baby!
What are your turn offs?Ignorance
Are you a virgin?That's a bit personal.
What is your birthdate?May 27th
What day of the week were you born on?Friday
What hospital were you born in?The Medical Center
Where were you born?Bowling Green, KY
How much did you weigh?7lb 14oz
How long were you?22 in
Were you in the hospital for longer than usual?No
Were you born before, after or on your due date?2 days late
Did you have any siblings before you were born?No
What was your favorite childhood story?Overcoming ANY fear of snakes i may have ever had
What was your favorite childhood toy?Cynthia. I still have her.
What was your favorite childhood game?Monopoly
What are you doing right now?Sitting on my butt in this really uncomfy chair.
Are you listening to music?No
If so, what to?The voices in my head
What CD is in your CD player?Some random Bowie CD
Do you wear black eyeliner?Not often
What is your favorite place to shop?Thinkgeek.Com, Pac Sun, Old Navy, AE sometimes
What color is your hairbrush?Pewter
What color is your telephone?White... Cell is BLUE thanks
Do you enjoy Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory?Absolutely
Do you like the Oompa Loompas?I am an Oompa Loompa you ass
How about the boat ride?Sweet cuppin' cakes!
*~*How would you spell the following?*~*
Aaron/Erin/ErinnAaron or Erin
Jenny/Jenni/JennieJenni or Jenny
Ali/Allie/Alie/AlyAlly... Ha! I'm different!
What color are your sheets?light blue with stars on the top
What color are your walls?Off white
What color is your carpet?I have icky tile thanks
What color is your comforter/duvet cover?Navy with stars on one side, orange on the other
Do you have posters on your wall?Of course
If so, of what?Fight Club, Lord of the Rings (ok Legolas), and Monty Python and the Holy Grail
Do you have a TV in your bedroom?Yeah. Man this thing's long...
What size bed do you have?XL Twin
How many people can sleep in your bed?2 uncomfortably
Is your bedroom your favorite room in the house?Yes. My sanctuary
*~*Fill In The Blanks*~*
I am...Awesome
I want to be...Silly
I need...A shoulder rub
I love...Veggies
I can't...Fly
I'm SO...Awesome
I will never...Be Taller... :(
I hate...Stupidity
I like...Cheese
I would change...The World
I refuse to...Conform
I will always be...Spontaneous
I wish...I was a little bit taller, I wish I was a baller...
He is...Amazing
I wish I had more...Time to sleep
She is...Your Mom

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Sun, Mar. 13th, 2005 12:39 am (UTC)

lj-cut this >o

Tue, Mar. 15th, 2005 10:05 pm (UTC)
nesrawkstar: Hmm

You didn't say please.